Binder Comparison + Reviews!

(Sorry for the pictures being slightly pixeled.)

Anyway, as promised here is the comparison between no binder, my 997, and the Sho LLT (my new binder). I put both a side and front both for all of them, and for my new binder I added the clips and straps so you can kind of see how it works. It has three different “tightness” settings. In the picture above I included the tightest one, so you can get an idea of how it binds. So anyway a bit of a description of the two:


The first 2 pictures with me wearing a binder is the Underworks Style 997, or the Double Front Compression. If I remember correctly, I believe I wear either a size small or an extra small. On the site now it’s listed for $29.99 (not including shipping) but I think it was more when I bought it. Not that expensive though. I find that it binds really well and I dont get worried about just going out wearing a t-shirt with this. I also like how the binding goes all the way to the stomach, so my stomach isn’t just spilling out after the binder. It can also help to bind your hips a bit. What I don’t like about it is that it can get itchy, so I have to wear a tank top or t-shirt under it and it can get pretty hot. I also get stomach aches pretty easy (ugh) and since I worry about it pressing into my stomach too much and that ends up giving me a stomach ache. It also rolls up a lot, and if I want to have any sort of chance at keeping it down I have to wear tighter pants to try to hold it in place. Its kind of a thing that I can either wear for a long time, or I have to get it off after an hour though. So basically:


  • Binds well
  • Not easy to see under clothes
  • Binds stomach and can somewhat bind hips
  • Does not cut-off midback, so you don’t have to worry about anybody thinking its a sports bra or something.
  • Not very expensive


  • Can get itchy, may have to wear something under it
  • Can get pretty hot
  • Rolls up a LOT

Sho LLT:

I purchased this binder after seeing a review it (the original post can be found here, and the binder can be bought here). In the post they explain it a bit along with some pictures of it, but I thought I’d describe my experience with it too. The binder, along with shipping, came to a total of $13.99. They had about 6 different colors you could order, so you get a selection which I thought was nice. I ordered the small grey version of it, which means that the main color is grey and that the collar and the..arm thingies are brown. The binder only compresses the top half, and doesn’t compress your stomach or hips. I’d say that the binder stops at about the mid-ribcage area. On the right side it has bra-like clasps, set in 3 different rows for 3 different tightness settings. On the left side there are 3 straps. The binding part of the binder is sew onto the shoulder straps of the tank top, so that it stays connected with the tank top. I wouldnt be afraid of just wearing the tank top out, as thats just what it is - a tank top. Nobody would second glance it. You could even wear it under t-shirts and just call it an undershirt. I also find that it binds incredibly well, and that I can easily wear it all day. I usually have it at the 2nd tightest or 3rd tightest setting. The binding fabric is also very thin so if somebody touches your back, chances are that they won’t feel the cut-off spot and think that there’s something there. For some cons, there aren’t a lot. Even thought he fabric is thin, I don’t really like having the cut-off midway through the back, and I kind of wished it compressed my stomach because it just kind of pours out. That’s just a little pet peeve of mine though, and not really that big of a deal. The sides of the binder fabric can also cut into your sides a bit, and can be kind of uncomfortable. Plus if you wear it as an undershirt it can add to the heat. But other than that, not really any other cons. So in list form:


  • Very cheap
  • Multiple different colors to get
  • 3 different tightness settings
  • Easily able to wear outside just by itself, and can also be worn as an undershirt.
  • Binds really well. 


  • Binding stops midway (may not matter to some people, so its only somewhat a con)
  • Fabric can cut into your sides a bit, and cause a bit discomfort
  • Can be hot if wearing it out in the heat (only really applies if worn as an undershirt though)

All-in-all I think that’s about it for both of them. I didn’t mean to write so much, but it just kind of happened. However there are my reviews and comparison photos of both of them!